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Critics have long said it was only a matter of time before the popular show rayh health care viagra.

It wasn’t until the fourth or fifth season of the show that it really took off as pop-culture embraced hats with clip on bears and Duck Dynasty fan gear. So what changed?

Critics have said it’s been a long time coming, but no one can seem to pinpoint the drop in ratings and shift in viewers opinions directly. Many reviewers of the show admitted that they were once fans, and most said they watched it for comedy originally, but added the show has simply lost its humor. pharmacy viagra 100mg cheapest.

While it’s obvious everything must come to an end at some point, for the wealthy Robertson family the show’s abrupt change seemed to come out of nowhere. Reviewers have begun pointing out the fakeness of the scenes and the simple lack of comedy in the most recent seasons. While it’s been rumored that A&E have renewed the show for an eighth season, viewers don’t seem to be rejoicing.

On cialis for sale south africa. and similar sites, reviewers have included everyone from long-time followers to new audience members, and recently they’ve all seemed to be saying about the same thing: the show isn’t funny. While meant mostly as a reality show/comedy, the show also attracted hunters due to the main focus of the series.

Critics have called the show unappealing, with some saying early on that it was “just plain stupid.” While viewers haven’t went that far yet, many are  beginning to agree. One featured review on IMDb credits the stars and their actions as “disgusting” and say they don’t plan to keep watching it. Interestingly enough, the majority of the reviewers leaving negative comments admit to having watched the show from the beginning but say they have since lost interest. will cialis make me bigger.

Many reviewers have pointed to the show’s stars. Others have added the recent seasons have opened their eyes to how fake the show is. In fact, even early-on, those who gave the show positive reviews included the note that the show was heavily staged, but justified it by saying it was entertaining to watch. It seems like viewers have since changed their tune, and many say they are boycotting the show all together.

Duck Dynasty experienced a spike in ratings a few seasons in when people of all ages began to watch the humorous reality show. Even critics who didn’t like it at least credited the idea with being highly original. Duck Dynasty is indeed the first show ever to follow a rich family during duck hunting season, but viewers say the uniqueness lost its appeal after a couple of seasons.

Seemingly at the height of the series, Duck Dynasty viewers have changed their minds about much of what they see on screen. The prayer seems have been highly controversial sense the beginning, but now people are beginning to mention that the show is very contradictory. Recent reviewers say they are beginning to notice that the cast is never seen at church, and while they credit themselves as being religious, much of the prayers they repeat are that of their own viagra canada check.

Reviewers continued down the same path by adding the cast frequently trespasses and rarely owns up to their mistakes and wrong-doings. Whether the cast is contradicting their beliefs or not, one thing is clear: fans are starting to get tired of the show, and the ratings are revealing the fact that the once-original concept may be becoming overdone.

Whether the show is actually coming back for an eighth seasons is unknown. Either way, the show did have a strong seven seasons, and during that time it did have a fluctuating fan base that was, on average, rather large for a show of its kind.

Out of the many who say they are dropping the show for various reasons, many more say they are remaining loyal to the quirky and interesting series. While the cast may not always live up to their beliefs, many devoted fans have pointed out that the majority of people don’t, and they say it actually makes the show more real.hay generico de cialis link.

Fans also add that most reality shows are staged, and whether or not that makes it right, many still see Duck Dynasty as a humorous escape from day-to-day life, and such fans hope that it will come back for another season. Check out the amazing atb viagra original bm project mix.  for more awesome home entertainment.


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Lady and the Tramp is one of the most beloved Disney films of its era; it is also one of several Disney films to heavily feature dogs as characters. The film was a box office success and one of its most iconic scenes—of Lady and the Tramp sharing spaghetti—has become one of the most parodied moments in cinema history. But how much do you know about this popular Disney film? The following are some interesting trivia that you (probably!) didn’t know about Lady and the Tramp.

It was based on a story other benefits of viagra.

The main inspiration for the events in the film came from a story called Happy Dan, the Whistlin’ Dog by Ward Greene, published in the 1940s. Walt Disney read the story in Cosmopolitan magazine and purchased the rights for a film version. In the original story, the two dogs did not fall in love, and many other details (such as names and personalities) were altered for the feature film. Ward Greene was later commissioned to write a new book which followed the events of the Disney film more closely; the book was published about 2 years before the final film, because Walt Disney wanted movie-going audiences to be familiar with the story.

It was the first animated film in Cinemascope

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The film was originally set to be created in a traditional full-frame aspect ratio, but Walt Disney made the decision to film it in Cinemascope instead—making it the first animated film to be filmed in Cinemascope. However, because most movie theaters were not equipped to show films in Cinemascope, two versions of the film were issued—one which could be shown in most movie theaters, and the original Cinemascope version.

The film was the highest grossing Disney animated film since Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. uses of vega viagra.

Lady and the Tramp was a box office success. It earned almost 94 million during its original cinema run, and has earned millions more in VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, and theater re-release sales.

The spaghetti scene was almost cut

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The spaghetti scene between Lady and Tramp is the most iconic of the entire film, but it was almost left on the cutting room floor because Disney felt it would look ridiculous. But after animators finished the scene and pled for its inclusion, Disney relented and kept it in the film.

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Howard Stern is best known for his controversial radio show which often features quirky guests and even quirkier (and usually adult-oriented) conversational themes. Stern has certainly made a name for himself in the “shocking” area of the radio industry, but there is a lot more to ginseng vs viagra.  than meets the idea. The following are some surprising facts about the popular radio host that you probably didn’t know!

He was an excellent student.

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For many people, the name Howard Stern is synonymous with “dumb.” But while Howard Stern may seem like a stereotypical shock jock who thinks of nothing but adult themes or crass humor and jokes, the radio host is actually far from being just another “dumb radio jockey.”

Stern was an excellent student in both high school and university. He attended Boston University for four years and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications–and a 3.8 GPA. He even continues to sponsor a scholarship in his name for students attending Boston University in order to obtain Communications Degrees.

He once ran for governor of New York.1800 viagra.

It may seem shocking, but it’s true:  Howard Stern once ran during the governor election for New York State. And it wasn’t a simple shock jock hoax–he actually file for the election under the Libertarian Party. His campaign never really took off, but he did manage to release statements indicating his plan for the state was to “force road crews to work at night,” as well as reinstate the death penalty. According to Stern, he would step down in his duties as governor once he had accomplished the few things in his platform outline.

Stern never made it to the official vote, however, because he was forced to withdraw after refusing to comply with the state’s requirements regarding financial disclosure on all candidates.

He used to have a show on WNBC.


Stern used to have a more lucrative radio gig with WNBC, which provided him with both a steady income and a more respectable station for his program. Although it was Stern’s success outside the station which prompted WNBC to hire him, his controversial style of humor proved to be just a little too far from their comfort stone.

Officially, Stern was fired over “contractual and creative differences,” but Stern himself believes that it was a sketch involving bestiality that finally turned the station against him.



Greatest American Hero

TV shows nowadays do not often have proper theme songs.  They have songs, don’t get me wrong, but they are mostly instrumental and lack lyrics.  What is the fun in that?  Back in the day, TV shows had catchy theme songs.  Everyone Knows Your Name from Cheers, that light hearted I’ll Be There For You from Friends, which was actually a Top 40 Hit from the 90’s… where is that today?

One of my favorites of all time is the theme from Greatest American Hero, called Believe it Or Not.  It was an awesome song for an awesome show.  Greatest American Hero, starring William Katt, was a somewhat short lived series from the early 80’s.  In it, Katt played a high school teacher who comes into possession of a super hero suit in which he is granted super powers.  Pretty cool, right?


The only problem is, they lose the instruction book and he has no idea how to work the suit properly.  Comedy and adventures ensue.  I think what I liked most about the show was the wackiness.  Katt plays it pretty straight but there are some funny situations and he tries so hard you really root for his character to make it.  He tries to use the powers for good, to help people like a proper super hero should, but he simply cannot figure out how to use the suit well enough and oftentimes falls on his butt in the process.greatest-american-hero-1981

When the suit does work right, you cheer him on.  Plus, he gets helps from some friends, including FBI agent Bill Maxwell played by Robert Culp and main squeeze Pam, played by the very fetching Connie Sellicca.  They help him as well as they can but have lives of their own to deal with.greatest-american-hero-1981-now-william-katt-thunder-valley

The show ran for 44 episodes, enough to get some good storylines going through but not much of a close for the entire series; it feels a bit truncated, as he gets in touch with the aliens from which he received the suit but there is never a satisfactory explanation.  Which is too bad because it was a great television show.  Check out other great entertainment options right here. You may find something that you’ve never heard of before.


Television Has Spawned The Reality Genre

Reality television has plagued our media with everything from cooking to the personal lives of the bedroom.  Is it right?  Is it moral?  These questions are answered within the perception of the individual entertained or disgusted with the reality of others lives.  Reality television is popularized by the ignorance or intellect of the individual observing.  It would seem as the generations evolve the sense of privacy is no longer respected as sacred.  Privacy is popular and human behavior compels people to want to know how icons live and act.

Reality TV Shows
Reality TV Shows

Controversy peaks the interest of wanting to know the end result.  Many reality shows thrive on the eminence of collective, competitive, combative situations. For example shows like Bad Girls Club, Basketball Wives, Love and Hip-Hop are continuously promoting women fighting, cursing, and displaying disrespectful behavior.  Observers love to hate and hate to love the reality stars.  Needless to say this behavior is real and allows people that have private lives to live through their reality stars if only for an hour or half hour a week.

Reality shows don’t all focus on the negative aspect of human social behavior.  But in a sense they all are in a competitive environment.  Americas Next Top Model gives young women an opportunity to have a career in fashion but they have to compete for the top spot in the competition.  Reality shows like The Voice, X-Factor, and American Idol give individuals the opportunity in the music industry in comparison to Top Model there is a competition that results the best competitor.


Reality shows are significant to everyday entertainment.  People are given the opportunity to be a part of lives that may intrigue or disappoint them.  The popularity comes from the observers’ sense of being directly connected to their reality icons.  Not every reality show is conducive to every individual’s points of life interest but with the abundance and influx of reality television there is a reality show somewhere in the numerous networks to interest all human beings.

The impact of reality television is phenomenal around the world.  I didn’t grow up with reality television.  When I was a child we had black and white television broadcast.  The most entertainment that was remotely close to reality television was soap operas.  The evolution of reality television in my opinion has taken the non-reality of soap operas and imposed them into the public in a real life version.  Relatively speaking I feel like a direct part of the reality shows I watch that provide me entertainment; to continue watching and promoting additional seasons.ronnie-jersey-shore-star

Reality has become a way of the world outside the fantasy of the movie world.  A person’s connection to something real is more likely to warrant continued interest.  As digital technology has taken an irreplaceable part in human survival so has reality television in human entertainment.  Reality shows make money for networks if the show is successful.  The bottom line with reality television is increased revenue to the network broadcasting.

America’s Next Top Model has been airing on CWTV channel 56 for near ten years.  The show has exceeded all expectations of the founder Tyra Banks, and constituents involved with the onset of the show.  Winners of the show have gone on to do other reality shows. Top Model is one of the first reality television shows to hit prime time television.  The show in my opinion is the base model that streamlined the phenomena of reality television.  Tyra Bank’s intuitive vision 10 years ago put reality on the map of broadcasting.  The success of her vision broadcasts in over 100 countries and has proven to be a lucrative source of revenue for every individual involved.nicole-ritchie-simply-nicole

Reality television may not suit the interest of everyone but it sure impacts everyone.  Just because I like America’s Next Top Model doesn’t mean every individual that turns on a television is going to like Top Model.  I’ve gone to friends’ homes and they were watching reality television and I’ve left because I didn’t care for the content of the show.  My disapproval doesn’t change their interest or opinion of their chosen reality television.  Reality television is and will always be in my opinion a part of our world.  Reality television is around the globe and the most direct way to be in touch with people’s interests.  Reality television makes money and provides entertainment.  It is a win-win situation for spectators as well as broadcasting networks.



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Tom Selleck: The Stache Rules

Very few men can pull off wearing a mustache these days. It seems old fashioned and kind of lame to be honest. But to see Tom Selleck without one is very weird. It’s become an iconic symbol of 80’s masculinity at this point, a beacon all manly men should be inspired by.

Selleck of course made a big splash on television in the 1980’s as the intrepid detective Thomas Magnum for eight seasons and 162 episodes on Magnum, P. I. During its run, Magnum was one of the highest rated shows on television and made Selleck and his mustache an international sex symbol. We should all be so lucky.

There were a lot of these detective shows on during the 80’s. Simon & Simon, Matt Houston, Riptide, Hart to Hart, etc. Tons. It seemed like every show was a private investigator show, like nowadays it seems like every show is a criminal investigation/forensics show. They are everywhere. Once CSI hit it big, the sub-genre exploded, hanging on the coattails of that success.


Magnum was one of those shows that was so successful it caused this kind of imitation. I think the reasons was Selleck. His good looks, easy charm and masculine way about him were attractive to men and women. The show was well made too and filmed in Hawaii, which was a nice removal from the hum-drum world of the continental US. It was exotic and different.

Selleck tried his thing on film but it never really worked. If not for Magnum’s delay due to a writer’s strike, he might have played Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark and who knows what might have happened but he never became a huge film star for whatever reason.


That’s fine with me because I like him and his ‘stache on the small screen. Several years ago he began playing the character Jesse Stone in several TV movies and they are excellent. Stone is a disgruntled, somewhat disgraced LA cop sent to a small town to muddle through boredom while solving murder cases. Selleck pulls off the grumpy, disenchanted alcoholic struggling through personal problems while trying to be the town’s beacon of justice. So far there have been eight of them and once he finds the series another home on a different network (CBS inexplicably decided not to make more, even though the ratings are through the roof), I hope to enjoy many entries.


Selleck stars in the hit series Blue Bloods. This show is about a family of New York cops, of which Selleck is the father and police commissioner. Blue Bloods has recently been renewed for a fourth season.

Tom also popped up on the hugely successful show Friends as the love interest for Courteney Cox’s character Monica. It seems he and his mustache are unstoppable.


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